Northmont Thunderback Club

One Team, One Dream.

The Northmont Thunderback Club (TBC) is a non-profit (tax exempt) booster organization made up of parent volunteers, consisting of class representatives from 7th through 12th grade and an executive board consisting of a President, 1st and 2nd Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The TBC was formed back in the 70’s and its original duty was to make sure that the players were fed before their Friday night game. Back then TBC asked for donations from local companies to help raise funds to purchase some type of a meal for the team. Since then TBC has grown and added more things to the program throughout the years. By adding all the extras TBC has come up with several mandatory fundraising activities throughout the year to off set the cost of running the TBC program. In the paragraphs and pages to come I will explain each fundraiser and what the money goes towards in each grade level. I hope this will answer a lot of your questions as to why there are so many fundraisers to run this program.

The mandatory fundraisers that each player are responsible for are: Annual Fish Fry (held in March), Annual Golf Outing (held in June), Lift-a-Thon (held in May), Annual Coupon Book Sale (held in July), To help the players out, TBC members also sell fall program ads to businesses and the players are also given the opportunity to sell fall program ads to help off set their fundraising fees. Players can also obtain business/restaurant sponsors as well. If the player receives a meal sponsor or business sponsor that will help off set the fundraising fees as well. The players are given several opportunities to help off set the fees that are required of them. We also offer payment plans as well that are set up by the parent and the class representative. If anyone is interested in a payment plan this must be set up in advance and preferably at the start of the fundraising events.

TBC members are not paid for their time. We are all parent volunteers that have watched our player(s) come up through the Wee Bolt organization into the Middle School and into High School. Some players come from other schools and some just start late in their school grade. We ask that the parents work with us and not become nasty or belligerent with us for trying to make sure your player receives the benefits that past players have received. We are all striving for one goal and that is to make sure the players have the best year they possibly can.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer or Board Member, Please reach out to your Class Representative.


Dear Parent and Player(s):

I would like to welcome you to the Northmont High School football program and back to the Northmont Thunderback Club (TBC). I would like to take some time to explain to you about your upcoming years in the High School program. As most of you know your player(s), have been part of a very rich history being part of the Northmont football program. Heading into the next four years of High School football, you are going to see some drastic changes. 

The TBC is a booster club that is ran by parent volunteers for the most part. Some years you may see volunteers that are past players or past player parents on the TBC board, either as part of the executive board or part of the class representative board. 

It is very expensive to run a football program of this caliber and it cannot be accomplished without the dedicated class representatives, board members and public’s help. Your player(s) also plays a significant part in order to gain the funds to keep TBC up and running through the year. We rely on the parent’s help to make each year a success. Please do not hesitate to volunteer your time for events or functions, we appreciate all of your efforts.

If you have any questions please contact your class representative. Again, welcome to the Junior Varsity and Varsity Football programs. 


Randy Monnin


Northmont Thunderback Club  


While you are in the JV & Varsity Football program your player(s) will be responsible for the following:

  • Responsible for selling 4  fish fry tickets per household. 
  • Selling 20 coupon books per player in household (incentives will be made if you sell over your 20 books in 5 book increments). 
  • JV & Varsity also participate in the Lift-a-Thon and are required to raise $200.00

Players who COMPLETE these responsibilities will receive the following items:

  • Player merchandise (earned by selling coupon books)
  • Player pregame meals (earned by Lift-A-Thon revenues)
  • 2 a- day snacks and drinks
  • Water & Gatorade for all games and practices
  • Lift-A-Thon Awards
  • Drycleaning expenses
  • And many more activities & incentives

Important Dates to Know

TBC MEETINGS– We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm, in the Lightning Lounge, AKA the film room, (building at the south end of the home side stadium seating.) In some cases during inclement weather we will meet in the high school if necessary.

During these meetings we will be discussing the items of business that we will be implementing during the year. If you want to stay informed about everything then you should plan to attend the meetings. Please take a moment to confirm meetings with your class rep, as these times are subject to change.

GOLF OUTING– JUNE 2019 Exact date TBA


PROGRAM SALES- BEGIN at the FIRST game of each Football season

*There are player incentives to obtaining program sponsors, for more information contact your class representative**

Frequently Asked Questions??????

How much does it cost to play football? Nothing, if you take advantage of the multiple fundraising opportunities.

What days and times are the JV & Varsity games?  You will receive a schedule from your coach. Schedules can always be accessed at

What is the Practice schedule? This will be determined by the school, and coaching staff, please reach out to your childs coach.

What does my Class Representative do for the team? Class Representatives are Parent Volunteers who handle all of the fundraising, and meal prep for players. Your representative will act as a liason for assistance. This will be your contact should you have questions or concerns. Please remember this is not a Team parent position, these are individuals volunteering to make the program a success.

What kind of fundraisers will my player be responsible for?Depending on what grade your player is in depends on what he is responsible for. Click the appropriate tab on the web site and it will tell you in the welcome letter what they are responsible to do. 

Where does the money go for the fundraisers? The money will go for player packs (clothing items), pre-game meals, water/gatorade, laundry service, player awards, end of year banquet, snacks, and many other items.

What happens if my player(s) do not turn in the money from the fundraisers and lift-a-thon? They will not receive any clothing items and possibly no pre-game meals. You will sign a financial agreement form prior to picking up your coupon books that will cover all fundraisers. Parents and players MUST return all monies owed on their account, any funds or items NOT returned are subject to recovery in a court of law.

Will there be buy outs for each fundraiser? Yes, each fundraiser will have a buy out opportunity.

Who do I talk to or see if I have a complaint or question about my player(s) playing time or any other problem on the football team?TBC does not have anything to do with playing time or anything that deals with the team in general. Any questions or complaints need to be made through the coaching staff.

I don’t have a lot of time to be a class representative but I can help out sometime, is that ok? Your class representative can use all the help they can get. If you are willing to help in any way just contact with your rep and let them know what you can do. Class Representative contact information is available at the bottom of this page.

If I become a class representative will my player(s) still have to participate in the fundraising? Yes, they will still be responsible in fulfilling their fundraising activities in full.

Why doesn’t the school pay for any of these items you have mentioned?The athletic department budgets for ALL of the school athletic programs, not just football. There is a set budget that the school gives to the head coach for any item he would like to see for the football program. The school pays for helmets, shoulder pads, jerseys and most if not all the training equipment the team uses and needs. The money runs out of the budget very fast and therefore the football program relies on TBC to off set anything they don’t receive from the athletic department. 

How much money does TBC raise and spend in a year for the program? TBC in general brings in around $60,000.00 to $100,000.00 a year through fundraising, donations, sponsors, and selling ads for the fall program books, etc. Our goal is to spend all of that money each year on the players and the program, however, in a perfect world we would like to have a small surplus in our bank account at the end of the year for start up projects at the beginning of the next year. 

How hard is it to be a class representative or executive board member? It is only as hard as you make it on yourself. If you are a team player and work well with others, then it is pretty easy to do your job. If you like doing things yourself with little help from other people then it will be a very hard job to do. There are many things that need to be accomplished each year and trying to do everything yourself just makes it very difficult on you and quite frankly on everyone else as well. 

Will I be able to see my player(s) play on their game days if I am a class rep?  Yes, you will be able to watch the games. Usually the hardest thing on game days is to go up and throw ice in the coolers before the games and sometimes this is done the night before. 

I would like to purchase some clothing items for myself and family members for football. Is there anywhere I can purchase items?Yes, Photo Sports on National Road sells many kinds of items and new this year we will be selling items on our on line store that will be open on certain months of the year, selling clothing items, umbrellas, stadium seats, etc. 

I don’t have a player in the program but I would like to donate funds to TBC to help out. Can I write the donation off on my taxes? TBC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our tax ID # is 31-1518674. You can write off any donation that you send to us. All donations are greatly appreciated.


Stacy Beatty-937.559.5679-

Dameka Williams-937.344.1407-


Tasha Gist-937.301.5697-

Janice Moore- 937.344.7117-


Jocelyn Goodwin-937.623.0178-

Kim Kessling-937.545.9190-



I would like to thank the many businesses in our community who have generously supported the Northmont football program over the course of many years. As we know, in the current economy, money to support this and other programs in Northmont has become challenging. These realities have put strains on the funding we receive to run first class football programs. Because of the support from local businesses in Greater Ohio and the surrounding areas, the money we raise continues to directly support our players and the football program in achieving a foundation for success that transcends what happens on the field and impacts the community at large. Being a corporate sponsor of the Northmont football program will help to make a positive impact that is measured in our community and in the lives of our players.

The Northmont Football program is based on the core values of honor, respect, reliability, commitment and teamwork. Your contribution will help the program continue to teach the aforementioned values to a wide population of young men & women who will ultimately make Northmont a better community.
I would like to thank you for your continued support of our program. Northmont School’s football program has become a source of great pride in our schools and community. As we continue to build for the future, we look forward to and need your support.

Please accept this as a personal invitation to come share in the benefits of our program with others in our community by attending a game this season or sponsoring an individual player (s).

Go Bolts!

Randy Monnin


Northmont Thunderback Club