Northmont Thunderback Club


The Northmont Thunderback Club (TBC) is a non-profit (tax exempt) booster organization made up of parent volunteers, consisting of class representatives from 7th through 12th grade and an executive board consisting of a President, 1st and 2nd Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The TBC was formed in the 1970’s and its original duty was to make sure that the players were fed before their Friday night game. Back then TBC asked for donations from local companies to help raise funds to purchase some type of a meal for the team. Since then TBC has grown and added more things to the program throughout the years. By adding all the extras TBC has come up with several mandatory fundraising activities throughout the year to off set the cost of running the TBC program. In the paragraphs and pages to come I will explain each fundraiser and what the money goes towards in each grade level. I hope this will answer a lot of your questions as to why there are so many fundraisers to run this program.

The mandatory fundraisers that each player are responsible for are: Annual Fish Fry (held in March), Annual Golf Outing (held in June), Lift-a-Thon (held in May), Annual Coupon Book Sale (held in July), To help the players out, TBC members also sell fall program ads to businesses and the players are also given the opportunity to sell fall program ads to help off set their fundraising fees. Players can also obtain business/restaurant sponsors as well. If the player receives a meal sponsor or business sponsor that will help off set the fundraising fees as well. The players are given several opportunities to help off set the fees that are required of them. We also offer payment plans as well that are set up by the parent and the class representative. If anyone is interested in a payment plan this must be set up in advance and preferably at the start of the fundraising events.

TBC members are not paid for their time. We are all parent volunteers that have watched our player(s) come up through the Wee Bolt organization into the Middle School and into High School. Some players come from other schools and some just start late in their school grade. We ask that the parents work with us and not become nasty or belligerent with us for trying to make sure your player receives the benefits that past players have received. We are all striving for one goal and that is to make sure the players have the best year they possibly can.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer or Board Member, Please reach out to your Class Representative.

Sponsor Northmont Football

We would like to thank the many businesses in our community who have generously supported the Northmont football program over the course of many years. As we know, in the current economy, money to support this and other programs in Northmont has become challenging. These realities have put strains on the funding we receive to run first class football programs. Because of the support from local businesses in Greater Ohio and the surrounding areas, the money we raise continues to directly support our players and the football program in achieving a foundation for success that transcends what happens on the field and impacts the community at large. Being a corporate sponsor of the Northmont football program will help to make a positive impact that is measured in our community and in the lives of our players.

The Northmont Football program is based on the core values of honor, respect, reliability, commitment and teamwork. Your contribution will help the program continue to teach the aforementioned values to a wide population of young men & women who will ultimately make Northmont a better community.
I would like to thank you for your continued support of our program. Northmont School’s football program has become a source of great pride in our schools and community. As we continue to build for the future, we look forward to and need your support.

Please accept this as a personal invitation to come share in the benefits of our program with others in our community by attending a game this season or sponsoring an individual player(s).

Go Bolts!